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QC.Video offer a complete range of video, animation and drone content services across Australia and New Zealand. From strategy right through to production, we handle it all.

With the option to tap into our video production resources for one-off projects or our subscription packages, we make production a cinch.

Video Production

Simple, sophisticated, scalable. Just what you need to capture and crystallise your ideas on film. And in the fast-changing terrain that video production entails, it’s just what we deliver. 

Leading with video marketing strategy, our content creators work alongside your team to create targeted, thought-provoking video content from concept through to delivery. They’ll bring your brief to sparkling life with sound, lighting and camera gear. 


Bring those sales and marketing goals home with customised animated explainer videos to suit all styles and budgets. Animation videos offer a smart way to promote a product, simplify a concept, or share an idea.

Our script-writers, motion graphic designers, voice-over artists and licensed music library are like little energy-saving remedies that help you focus on other important things.

Aerial Imagery

Drone imagery takes your footage to a higher level, offering your audience a whole new experience—and one that’s mighty influential. 

QC.Video’s aerial drone team comes fully certified and insured, all set to capture your footage in 4K, Australia-wide. Licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), our experienced team can safely operate closer to people, to airports and at night, taking aerial drone photography to unexplored places.


With 25 years’ experience behind the lens, there isn’t much we don’t know about capturing those classic moments in time you want to achieve. Putting people at ease in front of cameras is second nature to us. 

Those natural, candid moments and staged studio shots are vital for authentic still content, whether it’s for event photos, commercial photos, product photos, staff headshots and portraits, or quality social media content. This is what we do so well.

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Our network of illustrators and designers work alongside our lead graphic designers firstly to grasp your brand visually, and then to render it to fit your objectives. 

We can work to a brief, or we can include our campaign, creative and strategy team to brainstorm a visual media framework. Whatever the case, it’ll turn heads and catch eyes.


For brilliant brand assets that express ideas vividly and connect you with the right viewers, our team of in-house illustrators and designers always deliver.

First, we work to get across your overall marketing strategy, then we learn all about your target audiences so we know we’re on point. From custom brand collateral and social media, to animated explainer videos and illustration and animation websites, our talent always delivers illustration greatness.


Any style, any language, any accent. We have voiceover artists for almost every video category or need. Never underestimate the impact that audio has on your video – a voice can either make or break it. 

Don’t make the mistake of investing in great video production then overlook the kind of voice to express your message. You want someone to match the energy, sentiment and aesthetics so everything integrates and communicates beautifully. 

Campaign Creative & Strategy

At the heart of great content that inspires, motivates and persuades is a solid creative strategy. At QC.Video, we partner with your team to map out a robust visual marketing and communication strategy designed to meet the goals, objectives and direction of your campaign. 

Our team has over 25 years’ experience and can draw on a huge range of topical and thematic expertise to ensure your content is original, powerful and exceptionally expressed.


Hook them in seconds is the name of the video game. To do that, professional script writing is where it’s at. Great visuals + targeted video script = best chance of success. 

Our writers are trained in creative script writing, finding the right tone of voice and giving your animated characters the ideal personality to convey your message. They’ll write ad campaigns, a big brand story, product launches, and many other script styles. Name it, and we’ll assign you a writer.

Popular questions answered

Don’t you love it when the answer is “it depends”? Let us explain…

It’s all about the time and resources that go into video production, not the duration. A content producer can shoot and edit several interviews, then deliver a few minutes of content for 2 – 4K. A project that requires extensive planning, a team shooting on location for several days and an edit that includes special effects may easily cost 75K.

Timeframes vary depending on the scope and urgency. We turn simple projects around in less than 24 hours and even on the same day if required. More complex pieces need a more in-depth reviewing process.

If you’re new to us, you may need guidance through the first couple of projects. You can have as much or as little involvement as you like. We focus solely on you and we’re supportive where there’s uncertainty. Our long-standing clients are happy to step back and let us run with it once their expectations are clear, and that’s what we work to achieve with newcomers too.

In most instances, 3 or 4 revisions are sufficient. But we will keep going until you’re happy with the final product. That’s why we end up with 5-star Google reviews. We don’t cut corners and we don’t penny pinch. 

On some occasions, the nature of the project may call for a change of direction from the original brief. In that case we will lay out clearly any change in scope and quote so you’re able to make an informed decision.

Hell no! Shooting the video is actually the hardest part. But, we realise it’s not always possible to have a production team for shooting. Budget, teams based at multiple locations, or covid restrictions are among some aspects that come into play here. 

We recognise that it’s easy for anyone to shoot content with readily accessible Smartphones or DSLRs—our packages do cater for this option. We’ll grant you access to our tutorials, or we can brief your team with tips on how to shoot your own content if you prefer that route. Generally, we assign one of our pro content creators to shoot for you.

No, but technology is at the core of how we operate and collaborate amongst ourselves and our clients. We use cloud-based systems to share projects, gather feedback and deliver / store finished videos.

We think using ‘off-the-shelf’ products offered by tech companies is a better approach than developing our own. We know this because we tried it. 

When we started QC.Video—formerly ‘quickclips’—video streaming services didn’t exist so we had to develop our own. It took a big chunk of our time and resources to create. We had to maintain our own tech platform, and that became obsolete once bigger players came into the market. They were able to offer a free, better-quality product than what we could develop in-house. 

But that’s great news for you! It keeps your costs right down. It also means we’re more nimble and able to adapt to your needs rather than forcing you to use a platform which you may not want.

Sometimes, a full script isn’t needed beyond a few key messages in bullet points. In this scenario, we recommend working with key messages, developing interview questions from them, and building the story after interviews are conducted depending on interviewee responses. 

But where a full script is required, yes, we can absolutely take care of this. We would typically ask for your input and then share a draft. You know your industry better than us. You know what your competitors are up to, your audience and your core messages. We’ll translate all that into a video-friendly script. We can of course take care of the entire process. That’s a tad pricier.

We’ll answer this with a question:

Do you really need them?

A storyboard and shot list is needed for certain projects – for example, a 15-second TV commercial needs to be meticulously planned in advance. For other projects (say, a testimonial video or product demo video), it might be enough to grasp a good idea of the locations available, the main talent and some key shots that need to be included. Otherwise you could spend a good chunk of your budget before the cameras even roll.

Our full range of video production services and types

Video services

  • Filming
  • Script writing 
  • Animatics
  • Animation 
  • Drone / aerial
  • Photography 
  • Storyboarding
  • Stock footage
  • Self-shot content editing
  • Creative and art direction
  • Sound recording 
  • Editing 
  • Post-production
  • Colour grading
  • Visual effects
  • Voiceover 
  • Talent/presenters 
  • Project management 
  • Multi-cam and live streaming environment
  • Auxiliary roles (hair / make-up, catering, location scouting, prop sourcing)

Video types

  • Interactive video
  • Personalised video
  • Product sales
  • Event videos
  • Recruitment, Training & Induction 
  • E-learning
  • Content marketing 
  • Internal Comms
  • Explainers/How To videos
  • Product launches
  • Client Testimonials 
  • Time lapse/Hyper lapse
  • Stakeholder engagement 
  • Case studies 
  • Live streaming

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